I Have an Idea

A lot of my writing starts with those four words: I have an idea. I probably have ten or twenty ideas a day. I forget at least half of them, trash another quarter, and use a fifth of whatever’s left. Surprisingly enough, I’m not very picky about what I write.

I’ll write anything that comes to mind. Some days, when I’m tired of writing on whatever novel I’ve been working on, I’ll open a new Word document and just start writing. They usually get titles like “Scrap 7.26.10” or something equally inspiring. More often than not I’ll get so caught up in that I’ll write thirty thousand words of pure action before the sad fact – the story does not have a plot – catches up to me and I abandon it.

But anyway, I actually do have a new idea. It involves a big family and twin sisters who were separated at birth – just kidding! They were actually together until they were about three years old and the family misplaced the younger twin on a family vacation.

And now, twelve years later, the real story begins. Minneapolis Speare (I’m become really obsessed with naming characters after places for some reason) is the elder twin, and she’s still with the original family. There are thirteen kids but I won’t bore you with all the names. Minnie, as she’s called, is a certified genius and plays football.

Miami Speare – now adopted by a nice family and renamed Mimi Barton – is also a certified genius, although she doesn’t know it, and captain of the cheerleading squad at her school. They meet when their football teams compete against each other in the championships.

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I’ve figured out so far. Maybe I’ll write this for National Novel Writing Month. I should be well done with Summer Rush by then. Although I also have to proofread Line of Fire because my uncle is going to read it and he’s not waiting until after the edits are done. The least I can do is get rid of the spelling mistakes.

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