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Last Night Before School

This is my last night before I become a full-fledged college student. I’m torn between insane excitement and sheer terror. There’s more excitement than terror. When I think of all those new experiences to be had, I just start grinning like a maniac. College. How awesome is that?

For the first time in my life, I’ll get to sit at a desk in a classroom. There’ll be a real live teacher rather than a DVD tutorial. I’ll be surrounded by classmates. I’ll have to get up and actually leave my house to go to school. I’ll have homework and finals and different classrooms for different subjects.

Liz is freaking out and some part of me understands why. The other part of me, sadly, is less understanding. I’m almost too excited to sit still. Inkpop and my novels in progress are actually taking a back burner tonight.

I think my birthday might have a hand in all this excitement. It’s not every day you turn seventeen on your first day of college. I have a purple backpack and a panda folder and a black and yellow binder. My oldest sister Chenise gave me my birthday present early: a purple and blue and pink and second shade of purple comforter that I can’t wait to sleep under.

I’m all stoked for school! Wish me luck!


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