Self-Control (yes, sadly, I’m laughing)

I made myself a new rule: except for special occasions, I will only spend an hour on Inkpop each night. I’m a black belt speed reader, so an hour is plenty of time to do any book swaps I might have. I can answer my messages in ten minutes and I’ve nearly really hung out on the forums, so that won’t be a big loss.

With school starting the day after tomorrow, I need to get my priorities in order, right? Inkpop, as much as I love it, cannot be at the top of the list. Neither can journaling, writing fiction, or IM-ing, although the first two of that group will definitely be somewhere near the top of the list. I actually haven’t been IM-ing as much since I got my iPod. My iPod makes emailing much faster so I don’t need IM much anymore.

Back to the original topic… I have my school schedule all laid out. Now I need to figure out how to balance studying, writing, and being lazy. Being lazy includes reading, driving, hanging out, watching movies, sleeping, spending time with God, etc. So much to do and so little time.

And I can’t forget NaNo! Self-control was a foreign concept last November. I was obsessed with my word count and little else – including my health – mattered. That was also when I first starting watching the show Dark Angel with Jessica Alba; it was the only thing that could tear me away from writing on my novel.

But I am determined to turn over a new leaf. An orderly, prompt, and scholarly successful leaf.


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