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First Day!

Today was my first day at CSCC! It was super exciting and yet mundane school routine at the same time. Who would have thought school could be so euphoric and utterly dull at the same time?

I got up at 5:45 this morning. I already had all my things together, so all I had to do (theoretically:) was hop in my clothes and I’d be off! After showering, doing my hair, finding some clothes to wear, and making up my bed with my beautiful purple comforter birthday gift from Ne-Ce, it was 7:02. Mom, Liz, and I piled into the car and we were on our way. We made it to campus at 7:45.

I had plenty of time to make it to my first class – Music Appreciation – and sit in my classroom being bored for a good ten minutes.

Honestly, I thought I was going to have trouble adjusting to the new atmosphere. My “classroom” during high school was my bedroom. I sat on my bed with my headphones on and worked directly in a book. My only “instructors” were Mom, myself, and instructional DVDs that came with my books.

But I think I’m adjusting pretty well. I like sitting at a desk. I love the competition provided by my fellow classmates. I love listening to different opinions and stretching my mind in all different directions.

After music was Survey of American History I, which I absolutely LOVE. The professor (I feel so mature saying that!) was super enthusiastic about history. Before today, I actually hated the subject. But he makes it so much more fun than my high school book did. I think History will be my favorite subject. I never knew it could be so interesting.

Following History was my final class for the day, Composition I. I thought I’d love it because, hey! It’s writing. It’s just okay. It didn’t give me the same challenged, happy feeling that History did. And I didn’t get to listen to fun music like in Music Appreciation. My fourth and final class, College Algebra – almost took Pre-Calculus but chickened out at the last moment – is on Friday. I repeat my same schedule from today on Wednesday.

I have homework in all classes, so I guess I should get to that. But before I go, here’s a picture of where I get to do all that fun studying.

Pretend you don’t notice that gigantic bag of Skittles (Dominique’s birthday present to me). I know it looks a little cluttered but it works for me. Really, it does. I get my best work done there.


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