A Quick Note

Today was my birthday party! Birthday parties are so much fun. Ice cream and donuts and friends and presents and family and laughter and smiles and pictures that you’ll keep for a hundred years. Maybe you’ll even post those pictures online and then they’ll be there forever.

Anyway, I got the iPod Radio dock that I’ve wanted ever since I got Perry ^.^ Thank you Mom and Dad!

I finished the giant bag of Skittles Dominique gave me on my actual birth day. It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination! I’m pretty sure the entire mass of Skittles lumped together and went straight to the bottom of my stomach. Tomorrow it’ll be followed by the delicious barbecued ribs Mom wouldn’t let me have on Labor Day (being sick as I was, she said it would take too much of my body’s energy to digest a big hunk of yummy meat).

And the day after tomorrow is back to school. Oh, goody.


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