Tomorrow is back to school. My history paper’s thesis is due and I think I have a quiz in Music. I’m supposed to be in bed in three minutes so I have to write fast ^.^

Today, sadly, my ranking fell on Inkpop! I’m now #14. I’m very not happy. I haven’t been able to give Inkpop half as much attention as usual since starting school, which is absolutely ludicrous. I have school, yes, but I still have tons of time on my hands. I’m just not using it properly. That all ends tomorrow, when I plot out a schedule for myself and stop wasting my valuable time!

Tomorrow is also my orthodontist appointment (yay! NOT). But today I drove for the first time without getting any corrections from my licensed driver. So that’s a for real yay! I might get my license one day after all.


One thought on “Hey!

  1. I just read the California Girl preview. Again, I must say. I hope you post the book up soon. 🙂 Oh, and I’ll have Summer Rush on my picks until it gets a pretty gold star. Trust me on that. I hate the pink arrow beside it now.

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