10 Things I Love, 5 Things I Hate

Five Things I hate

1) Public bathrooms (enough said)

2) Tight shoes

3) When my favorite shirts get too small (I loved you, Bunny Shirt, but it’s almost time for you to go)

4) When my favorite book series gets jacked up (James Patterson, you should have stopped with the Final Warning!)

5) Algebra

10 Things I Love

1) My family and friends, because they are awesome. Especially Carly and Lily, my BFFs. You guys are the best ❤

2) Writing fiction, writing essays, writing my name, writing anything

3) Getting good grades in school – because, hey, who doesn’t? I love good grades. I love doing my homework; finishing it, rather, and sitting back in my desk chair and feeling intelligent and accomplished.

4) Reading stuff online and talking to the writers who are usually people I don’t even know but end up getting to know and absolutely loving (Mirriam, Symphony of Dreams, RedWriter, MaryKate, KateKale, April, Marcie, etc, etc. I love you guys!)

5) Cold and warm and medium weather! All weather, in short. Mostly I love fall, because everything is so gorgeous and it’s constantly changing. I would love spring more, but there’s so much rain. And while I do love rain, I love being outside and not catching cold even better.

6) The binder I got for school, because it has big yellow flowers on it, and black and green and yellow stripes that make me think of summer.

7) The gigantic collage picture frame I got for my birthday, which will soon be filled up with 42 pictures of me, me, me. JK. Pictures of me, family, friends, and pets ^.^

8 ) Going down the Big Scream waterslide at Nashville Shores. Biggest thrill I’ve ever had in my tame little life.

9) Takings pictures, both in front of the camera and behind it. I love pictures because I can take a million of them, and they tell me all the same things I would have told myself if I’d written a thousand million words.

10) THE BEST PERSON EVER. I’m seriously going to marry this person when we’re older. He just doesn’t know it yet ^.^


One thought on “10 Things I Love, 5 Things I Hate

  1. Ok, I am not stalking your blog or anything 😛 I just happened to really enjoy reading it and came across this post. Thanks for including me in your list or online writer friends. I was just telling my mom about your crazy awesome writing skills and she was very amazed 🙂

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