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I Heart Saturdays

I love Saturdays. I get to use the dishwasher, sleep in late, stay up super late watching movies with my siblings, and still get lots of writing done. The writing part usually happens somewhere in the afternoon or past one o’ clock in the morning, after I’ve watched a bazillion movies with the sibs.

Today, however, I’m not doing most of the typical Saturday pursuits. For starters, I studied my history book. I watched episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer all by my lonesome. I did watch the tail end of the Two Towers with Dominique, Isaiah, Wesley, and Elizabeth. Lucky for me, Return of the King is coming on TV tomorrow! I love that movie so much.

Anyway, in spite of my usual Saturday routine having gone out the window, I did have some fun. I had a particularly happy moment when I saw Summer Rush is now ranked #12! YES!

Also, I started rewriting the beginning of California Girl in math class on Friday (I know, bad me. I am ashamed). And deep and thinkingful thoughts have been going on in my mind for a third Rush and Lexus book. I have these two scenes from the potential book playing in my head over and over.

I have a history exam this Monday, a math test on Friday, and a Music exam the following Monday. I foresee much studying and less movie-filled Saturdays in my future.


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