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Some Advice

One of my fellow Inkpoppers told me she loved Summer Rush and absolutely hated the ending. After stifling my urge to burst into tears and fall over and rot, I reminded myself of what my English teacher told me: it’s not you that’s bad, it’s your product.

So I sucked it up and asked her why she hated it. When she told me, I laughed. And immediately I thought, “That is so true.” I wish I could say I was immediately motivated to rewrite. That would be a lie. It took me a few minutes. This is what she said:

Well the whole time I was reading I could tell you were building up to something big for the ending… then you didn’t. Look over the sentence I just wrote and think about it. You thought I was about to make some big point then I didn’t. It was like that. I feel like if a book is as good as Summer Rush then it should have a much better ending.

What was the whole summer leading up to? To six hours at an airport? Ah come on chica, you can do better than that. Go big or damnit go home. Please rewrite the end. I know you can do MUCH better.

I absolutely love this. I’m seriously considering taping it to the wall above my desk and using it as my computer background.

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