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I Love Feedback

I’ve been sort of dragging my feet about getting back into my writing regime since school started. Homework is such an amazing excuse why not to write. I’ve been using it a lot lately. During the summer, I pretty much rolled out of bed and into my desk chair. At the end of the way, I rolled back into bed. Obviously that’s an exaggeration but it illustrates fairly well how much of my time I put into my writing.

Now when I get on the computer, I’m either messing around with different cover ideas, reading old stories or my Inkpop swaps, or emailing or IMing.

Basically, I’m a lazy bum.

So, to try to motivate myself, I started reading over some comments I’ve gotten on both Summer Rush and California Girl in the last week or so. It was a nice reminder that people read it and liked it enough to encourage me in writing it. Even the less than glowing reviews are helpful because it targets my writing’s weakest points.

All in all, I have been motivated to keep typing away ^.^

Not to mention I promised a couple of people I’d update California Girl before the weekend. Me and my big mouth.


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