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Whoo! Happy Day!

I’m exhausted and brain-dead and my room is a mess but I’m in an incredibly happy mood right now for several reasons. The first is, I got an A on my Music Appreciation test! I don’t know what I got on my History test, or my composition assignment, but who cares? I have an A under my belt!

The second reason is, I’ve gotten more happy reviews on California Girl! I’m so super happy about that (even if Summer Rush has dropped to number 15, darn it). But California Girl is number 239. It’s risen through the ranks even faster than Summer Rush did when I first posted it.

The third and final reason for my extreme happiness? I’m listening to my new favorite song, Rest in Peace, from the Buffy episode Once More, With Feeling. It’s so funny and I’m completely addicted to it now. It’s sung by Spike, who is my favorite character in the series (yes, he’s a vampire, but we’re not getting into that. He’s got a chip in his head; believe it or not, that explains everything).

Actually, I take it back. That’s not the final reason. I might be going to get my driver’s license next Tuesday!! At first I wanted my license so bad, then I was kind of like – meh, I’ll get it when I get it. But today, as Liz and I were shipped from one available person to the next just so we could get home, I had an awakening. I’m in college. I need my license. End of story. So I will drive like crazy in preparation and hopefully I’ll pass the test on my first try ^.^

Oh, and one last thing. The song Who Am I Living For? by Katy Perry is an awesome song.


One thought on “Whoo! Happy Day!

  1. You’ll be so happy to get your driver’s license! There was a time when I thought I’d just get mine when I was 18…maybe… And then I turned 15 and I was like, “I’m getting it at 16.” My folks were okay with that…as long as I payed for the whole thing by myself. So I did. 🙂 And I’m so glad I did, even if it cost me a whole summer of work! I love that license. 😀

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