3 Things I Hate, 6 Things I Love

Things I Hate

1) Really bad critiques like “oh, I loved this!” or “this sucked!” Details, people! I need details if I’m going to make it better! *clears throat* Sorry. Pet peeve of mine.

2) People hating on Justin Bieber. He’s sixteen years old, for crying out loud. If you hate him, don’t listen to his music and avoid looking at posters/advertisements/etc. There are lots of music artists and actors who I’m not partial to but I don’t rag on them, especially not kids.

3) When I walk out of the house and look down and realize my clothes don’t match. It happens a lot.

Things I Love

1) The song “Pick Me” by Justin Bieber

2) My orange and purple horse poster that hangs over my desk

3) My best friend and cousin, Micah

4) My book, Journey of Turning Back

5) The belt I borrowed from my sister, cause it’s black with silver stars

6) The music group ZOEgirl, although I think they disbanded


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