A poem…

I found this poem on my computer the other day. It’s something I wrote over three years ago when I was writing for a website called Girls Horse Club. And since I’m being lazy and don’t want to write up a decent post, I’m dumping this on you. It ties into a short story that I also wrote for GHC.

Wild Things

 There is a place in the sky

Near the middle of the sunrise

Where the spirits of the pure at heart

Live when their body dies.

In colors of gold, red, silver

With wings made of white gold

They are the magical Wild Things

Brave, true, magnificent, bold

The wildest of the Wild Things

Mighty Saber, the Stallion of Flight

He gallops, mane and tail streaming,

Through the sky in dark of night.

His sister rules the red dawn

Bellalyse, the Lovely Red Mare

Her coat, as red as the setting sun

Brings dawn from here to there.

Guardian of All That Sails on Wind,

Jade’s tail is the clouds floating by

The mare’s hooves bring thunder, storms

Her eyes, stars, stud the velvet sky

Troy, the charismatic blue stallion

He lives in the depths of the waves

Except when rescuing drowning souls

The depths is where he stays

The magical horses, the Wild Things

Live in the place where sun meets earth

Wild Things guard things wild at heart

Each one its weight in gold is worth.

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