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Random Lovely, Sparkly, Wonderfully Good Things

Today has been a day of lovely, sparkly, wonderfully good things. I love good things, as I’m sure everybody does. Although today started out with over-sleeping and almost being late for school, plus rain and dreariness and freezing half to death in my classroom, it ended awesomely.

Reason number one: I got an A on my history paper! YES! I was worried sick about the grade I was going to get but it worked out well. That’s mostly due to my awesome teacher, Mr. Flagel. I was only around halfway through with the essay when I ran out of time, so he assigned points to my line of reasoning and where I’d been headed with it, instead of taking points off for incompletion.

Reason number two: I got to stay for a couple of hours at my sister’s apartment, which was lovely and peaceful and very quiet. I love my siblings like crazy but they can be loud. When I have a lot of homework, that can be a bother. Instead of noise, I got to sit in blissful quiet, watching a movie with Liz.

Reason number three: I got good reviews on California Girl! Enough said.

Reason number four: I had math tutoring, which was fun and invaluable, as I have a math test this Friday. I need all the help I can get; I’m still not one hundred percent sure how to use my borrowed graphing calculator.

Reason number five: I got to hang out with Kyra and Elizabeth and I got to see Chenise and my sweet, sweet baby. I love you EJ! I am your number one fan! I love that baby so much. He’s such a sweetie.

Tomorrow will be non-stop history and math studying so I’ll be prepared for both the math test and the history debate on Wednesday. That makes up twenty points of my final grade. Mr. Flagel said we get five points for each good answer we give, so I just need four good answers. Naturally I’ll be going for more than that, since extra points are always good, but four is the minimum.

Anyway, I decided to cut myself a break for good behavior tonight. I’ll just lounge around and read or write; I’ll do the bulk of my studying and homework tomorrow.

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