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Mom’s coming back tonight! Did I mention she went to Chicago last Thursday? I don’t think I did. But she’s been gone for a full week and I have missed her like crazy.

I took a mini-trip of my own; I stayed up in Franklin with my sisters after school instead of coming home. That was tons of fun, as always – except for the being internet-less part. But I got to watch lots of fun movies. I watched Along Came A Spider, Kiss the Girls, Law-Abiding Citizen, and Wedding Crashers. All amazing movies, but especially Law-Abiding Citizen. It might be one of my new favorites.

As for the grade on my history paper – I GOT AN A! WHOO!

Ahem. That grade made my day. The debate wasn’t so bad either. I kind of have a phobia about talking to large groups of people and it took me, I admit, about half the debate to steel up the nerve to say anything. But I got over my nervousness and the tail end of the debate was amazing fun.

Tomorrow I have a math test. I finally got a graphing calculator to use, which came just in time. Without it, I’d be failing tomorrow’s test. I have to do some studying for that in a few minutes.

California Girl is currently ranked #121 on Inkpop and Summer Rush is #14. However, since it’s the end of the month, it’ll jump 5 spots at midnight, putting me at #9!!! I’m super excited for that. If I neither rise nor fall at all, I’ll be in the top five in November!

I haven’t been doing much writing lately. I wrote about 1200 words at my sister’s apartment yesterday, but that was on an ancient scrap of completely useless writing that I use to get “in-character” for my uber-favorite character, Angelica Fulleri.

Anyway. That’s what’s happened over the past couple of days. Wish me luck on my math test!


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