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One More Month

There is just one more month until National Novel Writing Month commences. I’m so excited! I mean, sure I don’t have a plot, and I have tons of exams going on in November, and I’m finding less and less time for writing every day. But I’m stoked nontheless!

Summer Rush is officially #9!!!!!! California Girl is #116! Summer Rush is so close to hitting the top five. I wish I had a thousand hours to devote to rewriting and polishing and such, but as I mentioned before, I’m finding less and less time to spend writing or editing. Darn you, school.

I am so ready to have my license. I had to sit around for two and a half hours at school, waiting to be picked up after math class. Add that long wait to the fact that I only got two hours of sleep, and you have one cranky girl on your hands. I was not in the best of moods, that was for certain. I’m feeling much more generous now, though, because I got a very cute jacket from Thriftsmart. And I was also appeased through Dr. Pepper, a gigantic, fattening burger with everything on it, and salt-less fries. Sonic really does not know how to make fries.

Anyway, Liz and my phone, an ancient Razor that my dad had for about five years, has no battery life. It died while I was spending the night with the big sisters (Chenise and Kyra) and this morning, it was still dead. Utterly useless.

Hm, let’s see. Other happy things of note: I got lots more Justin Bieber songs! And I also got Katy Perry’s CD, Teenage Dream. My math test is out of the way and I have a great comedy movie to watch tonight, called The Proposal. I have been watching too many movies and consuming too much Dr. Pepper lately, but I can’t help it.

I wish November would hurry up and get here!


One thought on “One More Month

  1. I’m starting to get psyched for NaNo too… I actually considered not doing it this year cuz I’ve been so BUSY…but my boyfriend is going to be in FLORIDA for most of the month of November, and I’ll have to do SOMETHING while I’m missing him so dreadfully!

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