life · NaNoWriMo


I love the forums on NaNoWriMo. I could spend all day on there. Actually, I did spent all day on there. All whopping four hours of my day, anyway (read: rolled out of bed at two o’ clock in the afternoon).

Yes, today was a very lazy day. But I did lots of worthwhile things yesterday, like my math test for instance. And I finally found my Skype password. And I started out to read some of my Inkpop swaps but kind of distracted by Skype. I was talking with my friends Karlee and Megan, who I met from NaNo last year. We’ve been chatting since then but this is the first time I’ve ever heard their voices. Isn’t it weird how you can kind of guess what a person’s voice is going to sound like just from IM-ing? Strange.

Anyway, I’m really hoping I get to talk to my NaNo friend Sparks again. It’s so cool when you meet somebody who lives halfway across the world (okay, a few states away) but still has almost the exact same interests. Sparks and I decided that, had we lived nearby, we would be best friends.

And speaking of best friends, I’ve supposed to be learning Moondance by Nightwish on the piano so I can impress my best friend, Micah, next time she comes over ^.^ She’s been playing piano for years longer than me and she always gives me a mini recital when she comes to my house. So I decided that next time, I would give her the recital.

Of course, right after that my dad started renovating the living room, and my piano was up on a dolly for about three weeks.


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