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It’s Come to My Attention

That one of my three planned NaNo novels will have exploding zombies. At first it was just going to be regular zombies (not my usual type of character, but I bowed to an ancient tradition of including zombies in NaNo novels; said tradition being instated last year betwixt my friends Karlee, Megan, and I). But Karlee was so good as to poin out that regular zombies were not enough. My zombies need to explode.

This all makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Everybody writes about zombies. And NaNoWriMo is about going all out. The next step up from regular zombies is exploding zombies, right?

Hm. That logic didn’t really work for me either. I’m not sure why they have to explode, other than the fact that Karlee suggested it. She’s queen of all things zombies ^.^

I can’t wait for NaNo to get here!

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