Well, It Happened

My perfect-A streak officially ended when I got a B on my music test this morning. If I’d honestly tried my hardest on the test, I wouldn’t feel that bad. But I kind of blew it off in favor of enjoying my weekend and I most certainly paid for it.

That said, I had an in-class essay in English today that I feel pretty good about. And my next history exam is next Wednesday. I still don’t know what the score from my last math test is.

But whatever! Who cares about school? It’s almost the weekend and I am mega excited for it! Granted, I’ll be studying hard for my history exam because there is no way I’m going to be satisfied with a B on that. I have a movie to watch, books to read, new music by Jump5, and a fairly clean room. I don’t have much homework so mostly I’ll just be studying for the history essays.

But I’m determined to spend some time on Inkpop and writing this weekend, even if I have to forfeit sleep to do it. I spend way too much time obsessing over school.


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