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Heya, Peoples!

I have all sorts of fun, happy, sparkly things planned for Fall Break. Not least of which is an update of California Girl (just for you, girlinbandshirts!). But also other stuff like finishing up Dark Angel Rising and learning my full twist on the trampoline and planning for NaNoWriMo and planning on The Non-Hostile Takeover, my new book in the works. I’m very excited about it.

Tomorrow’s my math test, which I’m trying not to dwell too much on, because after that is Fall Break and I will be free! If only I could go horseback riding and get my license during my lovely, long weekend, I’d be the happiest girl in the world. Since the former is highly unlikely and the latter is doubtful, I refuse to be downed by them.

You know a crazy thing I’ve discovered? I actually like math. My math, English, and music teachers are always telling me to think outside the box, that there’s “no wrong answer,” and to form my own opinion and support it with facts. But I like having a wrong answer, a right answer, and no gray area. Math is so straightforward. The formulas never change. It’s rather refreshing.

Writing has been going pretty well lately. I usually write while I watch TV; those are about the only things I can multi-task on. Sometimes I can brainstorm while in math and music, because those classes are fairly simple and I can find all the information I need in my book at home. English is my easiest class but I sit in the front row and can’t do anything besides look attentive without getting caught ^.^

I’m about 4/5s of the way through with Dark Angel Rising, but my attention has started wandering. I’ll probably switch my attention back to California Girl within a day or two. I’ve also been having these random urges to start rewriting Summer Rush. I decided to make Rush and Lexi a little younger, plus there are some inconsistencies and incorrect Spanish that have been bothering me a lot.

I did get to see my favorite horse, Galaxy, on Sunday. He’s such a lazy-bones. His brother Firefly came cantering over to greet me and my sister but Galaxy just sniffed – seriously, he did – and went back to eating grass in the shade. I think it would be kind of nice to be a horse.

One thought on “Heya, Peoples!

  1. I have the exact same feeling on math! I’m getting so annoyed with English this year and “this could be the right answer but it’s not really”…

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