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I have found the official genre name of my NaNo novel, and it is Urban Fantasy. Good to know, wouldn’t you say? I don’t know too much else about my novel, to be quite honest. I know my main character is named Kit le Blanc, and I know she has a dragon, and that she lives with a bunch of old wizard-type fellows.

Besides Kit, I know of one other character in Elsewise, and that’s Armani. He’s Kit’s betrothed, so to speak. I don’t know why an assassin is after him, what his surname is, or even how old he is. I know that he’s afraid of dragons but I don’t know what he looks like. I don’t know what Kit looks like, for that matter.

I did start the slightest bit of brainstorming on my second NaNo novel, Hell’s Daughter. It’s a spin-off novel from my Angel books. It’s all about Hell and Angel’s daughter, Eli, and how she discovers all the chaos in her parents’ past, and accidentally reveals their location to a killer who’s been after Hell for the past fifteen years.

It will have lots of action in it, which is the main reason I added it to my line-up. Even if it never turns into anything decent, writing fight scenes will help my word count keep moving up.

Anyway, I’ll probably write a character sheet on Kit later today, after I write the next chapter for California Girl. It’s #96 on Inkpop, now, and Summer Rush is #11. I really need to get cracking on promoting Summer Rush. It’s so close to making top 5 next month!


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