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I feel like I’ve used that title for a post before this. Oh, well. I’m not very genius where titles are concerned right now. I’m trying to come up with titles for my friend RedWriter’s new novel but I can’t think. My mind is frozen in absolute fear now that it’s realized school starts up again the day after tomorrow.

And speaking of school, how come none of my fellow students are doing NaNoWriMo? There’s just something wrong with that, I’m telling you. Wrong. Everyone everywhere should do NaNo!

Anyway, I have the official line-up of novels planned for November!

1) Elsewise

2) Hell’s Daughter

3) Dancer with the Devil

Number three’s title is a WIP, but I hate having things unnamed, so that terrible title will just have to suffice for now. I was inspired – for the plot, not the title! – by a scene in RedWriter’s novel and the book Fake Boyfriend. Basically, it’s a purely humorous book. The two MC’s – Dancer Kale and Braxton Diablo – are dared by their friends to make the other fall for them. But they get to be friends, tell each other the truth, and decide to turn the prank around on their friends.

I foresee myself getting a bundle of laughs out of that one. So for November I’ll be writing an action novel, a humorous novel, and a crazy novel.

I was supposed to have tomorrow be a nice, long, relaxing day… and then I realized I have a boatload of homework due on Wednesday. Darn. So tonight is my last leisure night and tomorrow will be all school and dragging boringness. Yuck.


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