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T.G.I Friday

I love Fridays. I wrote a whole post about Fridays one time, didn’t I? That’s not what this post is about, though, I’m just super happy it’s Friday and I’ve lasted through half a week of school, managing to pull off another A on yet another math test. Yay!

Other happenings have been happening, too. I started my preliminary assessment of Summer Rush. I think it’s the best first draft I’ve ever written in my life but there is a ton of stuff to be done. That’s why I love the comment utensil on Microsoft Word. I can just interject little comments and Notes 2 Self right where the thoughts come to me. It’s loverly.

I ran through the first chapter while I was waiting to be picked up from school (that is getting so old, so fast. I need my license!!!). I lost my nerve when it came time for chapter two, because I know that will probably be a complete trashing and consequent rewrite. My head is already jumping ahead to the end, which I also know will experience major upheaval. So much to do.

I can’t believe there are only nine more days until NaNoWriMo! Whoo! I’m so excited, I feel like I’m about to wriggle out of my skin. I figured out the names of all The Glamorous (people who use glamors, in the magical sense of the word) in my story. And they are… Iona, her twin brother Iss, Gpils, and Syi. There are stories behind these names. Actually, there aren’t really. I made them up only using letters off a sign at school.

You know something that’s really been bothering my lately? My mic refuses to work with Skype. It’s driving me up the wall. I get frustrated easily when something refuses to work for me (I almost threw my iPod Touch out the window when it wouldn’t sync with my computer). The mic belongs to my mother, though, so it probably won’t get thrown out the window.

I have lots of studying to do this weekend. My paper for history is due soon, I have a music test on Wednesday, and a math test on Friday. I also have about ten essays to read for English. Lucky me. I hate my English class. At first I thought it was okay, but the more I got to know my teacher, the more I didn’t like him. He’s so arrogant.

Anyway, I’m thinking happy thoughts at the moment. I put my Justin Bieber poster up on the wall, right next to my Lord of the Rings poster and my horse painting. Other good news – I found my Target gift card that I got when I bought my iPod. I got my refund from school (yay money! ^.^) It’s almost November; can’t say that enough. I found the perfect present to buy myself after this school semester is over. It’s sunny outside. I had Cheerios with raisins on top with a side of pork chops for lunch. Summer Rush is still #11 and I just might one day reach top five.

That’s all for now, folks!

PS – In case you were wondering, Justin is still staring at me o.o


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