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Summer Rush is #9!!!!

I almost gave myself a heart attack this morning when I saw it. I always check my Inkpop stats before breakfast but I wasn’t expecting any movement or new comments. I actually had both! A new comment on California Girl and a beautiful green upwards-pointing arrow beside Summer Rush’s status number.

My eyes were about as big as saucers and I literally screamed (you see how obsessed I am? It’s crazy!). Then I kissed my computer. Elizabeth walked into our room and I practically squealed. “I’m number ten!”

“Yes, I heard you,” was her non-cheering reply. But Mom was coming up the hallway, so I didn’t pester Liz any further. I shouted the news out to Mom, who said, “That’s good,” and moved on.

I finally calmed down enough to check my Inkpop messages and read the new comment on CG. Dominique came into my room then, so I shared the news with her (she’d also already heard me screech it out). Sufficiently calm now, I went about my usual early-morning computer business. A few minutes later, Dominique said she was going for a walk, so I went with her.

We ended up going shopping with Mom and got home about an hour ago. I opened my computer to start my homework and realized I’d never logged out of Inkpop. I go to my page to do so and guess what I see? A new comment. I click on it, it takes me to Summer Rush’s page, and there I see I’ve moved up to number nine! Cue the screaming and happy, crazy laughter.

I am in a very happy place today (wretched English homework notwithstanding).

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