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Facts from the Day

Today I learned the first public opera house opened in Venice in 1637. Who knew? Who cares? Not me, considering I’ve never really heard opera and what I have heard, I haven’t liked. Which is really saying something because I love all music, even a lot of country (which I typically hate).

I also learned how to turn a Windows Movie Maker video into a Windows Media video, which I can then upload to YouTube. Really, it took me forever to learn how to do this. I had to find a tutorial on it. Don’t laugh. I tend to overlook the obvious. Having learned that useful skill, I then set to work making the book trailer for California Girl. I really wanted to do it with video clips instead of just photos, like my last little Rexi Production. I ended up using clips from Not Another Teen Movie, Gossip Girl, and the Dear John movie trailer. I think it turned out pretty good. (watch it here).

Another fact of the day? It is cold outside! Dark, rainy, and terribly, terribly cold. I woke up this morning, it was bright, sunshiny, and windy. Not anymore.

Another fact? (I’m going to keep saying that!). It takes a lot of flashcards to review an entire unit of study in a music history book. It’s not so bad, though. It’ll be easier than my English test tomorrow, which I have been whining about for days. I was very unhappy with my last English grade.

Anywho, that’s all for now, folks. I have to study, set up my mom’s iPod Shuffle, make dinner, write, and somehow get to bed early. Adios!

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