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On Dragons

Elsewise features five types of dragons: Dragons of Air, Dragons of Earth, Dragons of Fire, Dragons of Water, and the elusive and powerful Dragons of Mirror. All the dragons are different (obviously). Prepare to be bored with all the details, which I will give to you by describing the five members of the Council of Dragons.

Aristice (ar-ah-stee-she): she is a Dragon of Air. True to the nature of her species, she’s a winged, 3-clawed dragon. Her scales are very pale blue. Dragons of Air come in all different colors, but the paler they are, the more powerful. Aristice is fairly young, only two. The average lifespan of a Dragon of Air is ten to twelve years. Aristice is the youngest dragon in the Council and garners the least respect not because she’s young, but because she’s a Dragon of Air. They’re somewhat scorned by the other, more powerful dragons. Aristice is a happy, cheerful dragon with an iron will and bright blue eyes.

Dyanka (dee-auhn-ka): he is a Dragon of Water. Their lifespan is between fifty and a hundred years. Dyanka is sixty-five. Like all Dragons of Water, he lives in deep pools of water (oceans, basins, and large lakes). He is a 4-clawed dragon and mostly white, with the tiniest hint of blue, and gold eyes. In Dragons of Water, the whiter you are, the more powerful. Dyanka is introverted and mute, with a past of being a known man-eater. Fortunately, he grew out of that.

Asidian (ah-sid-ee-in): a Dragon of Earth, he’s a hundred and seven out of his expected two hundred year life span. He lives underground, is 4-clawed, has ghosting powers, and is a golden-brown color with rust-colored eyes. Dragons of Earth are the second biggest dragons of all. Asidian is a nice, grandfatherly sort of dragon. He often has lapses of memory but was once a military genius. He’s the eldest member of the Council of Dragons. He has over a hundred children and over a thousand grandchildren.

Belshazzar (bell-shay-zar): a Dragon of Fire, he’s a tempermental, hotheaded, warhawk. He’s a firebreather, 4-clawed, and the color of blood. Belshazzar’s expected life span is only eighty years, and so far he’s only used up seventeen. His mother was a member of the Council, and he took her place after she died in battle. His solution to everything is a fight and whenever he gets agitated, things tend to catch fire. His scales are hot to the touch and his eyes are blue.

Phae (fay): a jade-green Dragon of Mirror, Phae is ninety-two. Dragons of Mirror are the biggest, possess all the dragons’ powers, are 5-clawed, telepathic, and have live young. Phae is notoriously short-tempered, suspicious, and sometimes nasty. She’s impatient with the ignorant, jealous of the intelligent, and intends to remain in the Council for her full five hundred years. Phae also served in the US Army, worked as an intelligence officer, and helped a small Reverse Country (lots of reverse countries around; they’re virtually the mirror image of a regular country) gained independence from its counterpart.

And that is all my types of dragons. Next post, I’ll probably bore you with the details of the Rebel Dragons. They’re a political faction rather than a species.


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