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So, I finally have my proper plot and title for my humor/romance NaNo book. It’s called Not Another Stupid Romance. I don’t think anyone’s used that title yet; yay me! Of course, now somebody is going to tell me they know a book/movie/story called that, and my bubble will be burst, but that’s okay. Because for now, I will laud myself on being highly original.

Synopsis: On the first day of school, Lisandra Kale, aka Dancer, takes a dare from her only friend to make the hottest guy in school fall in love with her. On the same day, Braxton Diablo, aka the hottest guy in school, takes a dare from his friends to make Miss Anti-Highschool-Relationships – Dancer – fall in love with him.

As the two get to know each other, Dancer comes to the crazy realization: she’ll tackle Braxton for a football, talk to him for hours upon hours about everything from chemistry homework to movies, but you couldn’t pay her to kiss him. No cliché romance for her but at least she’s getting a friend.

When Dancer and Braxton finally tell each other the truth, they hatch a whole new plan. Their friends are going to be sorry they ever got them into this…

And that is all I have time to post about, because I’m supposed to be cooking dinner. Plus the family is watching The Princess & the Frog and Karate Kid with Jaden Smith in it tonight, which I somehow am supposed to fit in my schedule around homework and studying for my math test (which is tomorrow!!! *chews fingernails*). But I got my A in music the other day, and I think my English paper is going to get at least a B. At least.

I’ll tell you about the rebel dragons tomorrow! Or maybe something else. Who knows.


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