I got up to start writing at midnight this morning, wrote for about three hours. Got 8k. I wrote a little during school and right after, whilst trying not to fall asleep. I almost did fall asleep in English class (I got a B+ on my midterm essay!). This is going to be a really short post. On the way home from school (during which I wrote some more; I’m at 12k right now) we stopped at Krogers and I bought about five pounds of candy.

My reward system is that I get a piece of candy after every thousand words or so. I’m supposed to be writing right now but I decided to make a really quick post. Expect atrocious grammar in all posts during November, at least until I reach the 200,000 goal. I’ve calculated that I need to write 6600+ words a day if I’m going to make that goal. Phew.

Anyway, off to go write!


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