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Something Besides NaNo

Three vintage Breyer horses, two of the tradit...
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Today, I discovered there is life outside of NaNo during November. (I also discovered you can change font colors on here! Awesome! Yes, I am terribly sorry, I’m terribly slow. We can’t all be geniuses.)

Anyway, I love collecting Breyer Horses. When I was younger it was Stable Champions, then Grand Champions, and now I’m on to the real thing, the Breyers. These babies are incredibly expensive and worth every cent of it. I got this adorable little Andulasion that I’ve nicknamed Sweep, until I find a proper name for it. The way he moves – he doesn’t really move, but the cast of him makes it look like he’s going to leap off the shelf at any second – looks like he’s galloping through water with the wind sweeping and… yeah, well, he’s gorgeous.

I have thirteen Breyers now and, sadly, no Traditional size. They cost like thirty bucks, though, and I’ve never seen one in the store. I’ll have to get one from Amazon or something. But I really, really want one. They’re so pretty!

Anywho, I got my little brother’s birthday gift (Toy Story 3). His sixth birthday was today. Every birthday, our family practically comes to blows to see who can say “happy birthday” first. It’s awesome.

On a side note, Summer Rush is still ranked #7 and California Girl is #66. They’re doing pretty well! And another thing. Summer Rush was a featured project in the Inkpop newsletter! And it’s in the running for best Humor/Satire in the Annual Inkpop Awards 😀

I’m proud of that story. It’s one of my favorites of all that I’ve written. <– That sentence is so incorrect. Wish it luck with the award! Or, well, I guess you don’t have to XD

I have to get to writing! I haven’t written a word on my NaNo projects all day. I did get an A on my math test, though! Yay!


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