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Should I Write 4 Novels?

New idea alert! I came up with this new idea last night, when I was stumped on my other books (and watching Kill Bill vol. 2. Epically bloody and hilarious movie right there). This book, of course, has nothing to do with blood. It is of the General Fiction/Humor genre, starring a particularly arrogant and selfish MC named Scarlett… uh… whatever last name I gave her.

The most special thing about Scarlett? She’s the first girl to pull off the “make your-former-best-friend-turned-enemy fall in love with you then dump him” plan. She pulled it off pretty well, in fact. Then she moved away so, luckily, she didn’t have to face the music – or any of the friends, teachers, and strangers that she shamelessly used.

That was all when she was thirteen. Now, three years later, she’s returned to her former town (Podunk, Alabama), and she’s about to get the the consequences of being an unfeeling monster.

I got 4.2k on it last night, so I guess I’m writing four novels this month! Which is just as well. I realized Elsewise isn’t supposed to be long; rather, short and sweet. I’m thinking about 62k-ish for that novel. Podunk Scarlett will be around that length, too.

I’m falling terribly behind with my writing so I don’t know if 200k is within reach anymore. But if I finish at least two (preferably all four!) novels, then I’ll be happy.

On an ecstatic note, I drove myself without an adult for the first time today! WHOO! I just went to Walgreens to pick up a newspaper, but whatever! I got to pick what to listen to on the radio and I got to drive with the windows down (which Mom never lets me do). It was awesomeness and I can’t wait to do it again!

I’m supposed to do my classical concert report today. Hopefully that goes well.

One thought on “Should I Write 4 Novels?

  1. Yes, you should write 4 novels! If you have time, that is, to do it without killing yourself. This newest novel sounds really good but so do your other 3 so… you must write them all 😛 Good luck!

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