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The sparkling 50k milestone has arrived, people! This morning at around 12:19-ish, I crossed the fifty thousand word mark and I’ll tell you… I hardly even noticed. Because I was watching Alias, I was dirt tired, and worried about how I was going to last through math class today (almost fell asleep, but hey, I’m keeping my priorities straight).

The sad part? The 50k is accumulative from four different stories and lots of rejected material. Oh, well. Hopefully I’ll finish at least one book this month. Either way, words have been written, a goal reached. I’m pretty happy right about now.

And even as 200k slips faster and faster away, I still somehow manage to be cheerful (besides the obvious damper of my dwindling candy supply).

Yeah, so. I’m kind of addicted to watching Alias now. I think I’m going to go watch some more and write a little. I just finished watching The Book of Eli, by the way. Awesome movie. You should watch it.


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