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Life, In General

I am supposed to be studying for my history test tomorrow as I write these words, but I really don’t want to. Besides that bit of homework, I could possibly be completing the concert critique that is also due to tomorrow, or the English homework that I am supposed to hand in tomorrow. But who cares?

I reached 65k today! Whoo! For some reason that seems like a bigger milestone than the actual 50k, but who can account for the complexities of this strange mind? Anyway, I went to a write-in today, which was a blast. Before that, all the NaNoers had gone to Cold Stone, which is my favorite ice cream place ever. It was awfully cold outside and I just about froze my fingers off, which would have been a shame because then I wouldn’t have reached my word count today. But in spite of the iciness, I managed not to freeze, and we all sojourned to Panera where we wrote and laughed and did word wars and I ingested incredibly unhealthy amounts of Dr. Pepper and didn’t eat any of that yummy chicken noodle soup, which I also love.

So, lots of school is due tomorrow, and I should be working on that. I really, really want to watch the four episodes of Angel that I got from the library (but I wouldn’t dream of watching television when I was supposed to be doing school. That is in a whole different category than blog posting when you’re supposed to be doing school). I didn’t get to watch any Alias today, either *pout* And I left it on a giant cliffhanger yesterday. Vaughn is sick! He has a terrible virus and I just want to cry. It’s so sad.

Okay, here’s something random. People totally need to stop hating on things/people, just because they don’t like it. I go off on a rant about this every now and then, cause seriously, I just don’t get it. You don’t like Lady Gaga? Fine. You don’t like Twilight/Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift? Who cares?! Jeez. How would the haters feel if some person they didn’t know from Adam was saying crude things about their mother and threatening to beat them with a baseball bat? Why can’t everybody just play nice?

Rant is over!


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