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In Memory of NaNo 2009

I feel kind of shellshocked. I was doing dishes earlier this morning and I kept thinking, “I need to get back to writing! I’ll never make 50k at this rate!” And then I remembered, I already made 50k! XD

And so, in honor of my National Novel Writing Month 2009 novel, I give you the first scene from A Sacred Promise. 

“Should we tell her?”

“Will she even understand?”

“She’s eight years, not eight months, Matthew.”

“Daddy?” I asked. Why was he here? He was never here. I barely knew him. “Daddy, where’s Mom? It’s time for dinner.”

“Honey, mommy’s not here right now.”

“Why not?”

“Because…because she’s never coming back.”

“What? Why?”

“She’s dead, Angel.”

And I screamed. Because I had to. I screamed and I called him a liar and I ran to my room and I cried. And then I slept. It was then that I had the nightmare the first time.

I was running through the dark, calling Mom at the top of my lungs. But she wasn’t answering, and I knew why. But I kept calling, tripping, slipping. Everything was darkness. I could feel it all around me. It was inside my head. It was inside my soul. I wanted to fight it but I couldn’t. It was so strong, pulling me in every direction, like a terrier with a rat, refusing to let go.

I could hear voices: “Angel…Angel…my angel…”

From somewhere deep in the darkness, a horse nickered. I ran towards that sound. It was safe, I knew it somehow.

Something crashed in the darkness behind me. I screamed. A horse screamed, the sound shrieking through the darkness, undulating for what seemed like forever long after the original sound had died away.

A soft, gentle voice whispered something.

I couldn’t understand the words but the screams faded away into nothingness. I groped through the darkness, searching for the voice. “Mom?”

“The horse, Angel, the horse from the sea…Angel…my angel…” And then I was alone.

Like always.


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