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I Lost Part of my Novel

A whole whopping page of the Angel Saga was lost into the novel-eating oblivion of my computer.

I really don’t understand it. An entire Word document disappeared into thin air. And I was reading it just yesterday. How did that happen? And, being a lazy bum as usual, I hadn’t backed it up since two months ago. So, after I realized it was missing, I spent a frantic half hour trying to find it. But I’ve officially given up now.

The sad truth is, the missing page was worthless and most likely would have been cut out when (if) I edited it. Still, I’m kind of depressed. I took what I had left, created a new document, and emailed a copy of it to myself. The Angel Saga is 422,000 words and twelve months worth of work. I seriously think I would consider quitting writing if I lost that.

Anyway. Yeah. That’s what my day centered around. I created a PDF of the document (for some reason I never lose PDFs, just Word). I started reading it again and I realized: I want to drop all my NaNo projects and finish writing the last Angel book.

I won’t let myself, especially not when Not Another Stupid Romance is just getting to the fun part, but it won’t be easy. I really, really, really love the Angel Saga. The first two books were what I wrote last NaNoWriMo. Now I’m about three fourths of the way done with the fifth book, but I stopped writing on it just before October to start preparing for November.

*Sigh* I have way too many projects. Way too many.


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