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The Consequences of Writing Late at Night

You know that character? That one who is so awesome you’ll love him forever, no matter what he does, no matter how awful? Yeah. The character like that for me is Darius Preston Hanneman, aka Hell. He’s the supporting role in my Angel Saga (which I couldn’t resist writing on last night. Well, early this morning around 2 am).

I was so tired, and I was watching Alias. It was the episode Truth Takes Time, when Sydney is betrayed by her mother. And I randomly thought, “Let’s have some betrayal in this.” And… *sniffle* and… HELL BETRAYED ANGEL.

I realize this means nothing to you since you know nothing about either character, but this is heart breaking to me. Hell has been with Angel (sort of) since book one of this series. He’s been terrible to her, really, but I thought they trusted each other and were friends. He’s saved her life a hundred times and they’ve always had each other’s back.

And now, he just sold her out. Literally, he sold her to her worst enemy. What’s even worse? How fast she was to blame him. I thought she’d protest, for even a second. That she’d think “Hell would never do this to me.” But at the snap of a finger, she got that he sold her out, and she wasn’t even hurt. She was just mad.

Wouldn’t you be hurt if somebody you thought you could trust betrayed you like that? It wasn’t just her life at stake, either. Her friend Dominic is getting the same fate as her, no matter what it ends up being.

How could Hell do that to them? He’s known Angel her entire life. He and Dominic have been friends and partners for the past two years.

I’m really mad at him right now. I don’t even know if he has some master plan and is really still on their side. He better be. I’m still the writer of this book, and I get to decide what is going to happen to him.


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