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I Did It

California Girl has been removed from Inkpop. I’m a little surprised how bummed I was about it. It looked so pretty up there. Oh well. You can’t win em all (as Rexi is fond of saying).

Now it’s gone, and Summer Rush is all lonely up there. *Sigh.* It was just a book. And it’s not like it disappeared off the face of the earth or anything. Look on the bright side. Uh… all those bad scenes are gone. I get to do the fun new idea that I had for Rexi.

Yeah, so that’s not cheering me up. I have 85,709 words on my various NaNo novels. Tomorrow I’m going to get my cell phone! I should finish my last Angel book this month, and then the saga will be done and I can get all those crazy characters out of my head. I watched X-Men 3 last night (ghastly movie. Absolutely terrible. Elizabeth and I had a blast laughing at it). I got the book Wired from the library, which I have been waiting forever for! It’s almost Thanksgiving break. All my homework is done.

Driving is doing excellent. My mom loves the birthday gift I gave her. Soon we’ll be going to South Carolina. Lots of things to be happy about 😀


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