10 Things You Probably Didn’t Want to Know About Me

1. I can put an entire cupcake in my mouth and swallow without chewing.

2. Whenever I’m irritated, my novel characters swear up a storm, then I have to go back and edit it out.

3. I talk to my journal like it’s a real person.

4. I enjoy pretending to be a Justin Bieber fangirl with my sister in the store to bother my other sister.

5. My eldest sister Chenise and I got into a punching match while she was driving and I almost made us go off the road.

6. I oftentimes kiss my book because I love it so much.

7. I am going to stow away in the car when Mom and Chenise go to South Carolina.

8. Wasps scare me. Badly.

9. It amuses me when I chat with my friend Ryley because he can’t see me (I don’t even understand that one myself).

10. My favorite pair of socks aren’t really a pair; one is Hello Kitty and one is Darth Vader. I think it is an accurate representation of my personality.


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