I Bet You Thought I Forgot About Thanksgiving

Okay, I have to do this every single year, without fail. I think Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays in the whole year (yes, even better than Christmas) because it makes people think about all the amazing things they’ve been blessed with, and all the wonderful people around them.

I’m thankful for so much, although I don’t show it half as much as I need to. I’m thankful for my mother and my father, who I’m lucky enough to know always have the best interests of my siblings and I in mind. I’m thankful for all of my brothers and sisters – Natalie, Chenise, Kyra, Elizabeth, Dominique, Isaiah, Wesley, Stephen, Naomi, and Darius – because they love me and I love them. We can fight over the blankets and the last donut but we will always have each other’s back.

I’m thankful for my darling nephew Ezekiel James, because he is beautiful and loving, and babies are just about the best thing in the entire world.

I’m thankful for all of my cousins, my grandparents, all my aunts and uncles. I’m especially thankful for Aunt Julie and Uncle Scott and their family, who aren’t related to me by blood but have treated me like family every day of our lives.

I’m thankful for my friends, who are way too numerous to list but I’ll have a go at it: Micah, Tiffany, Mirriam N., Hannah, April, Lily, Carly, Karlee, Ryley, Mary Kate, Hannah B, Annie, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Beatrix Renning, Tatianna (aka RedWriter), all of my Inkpop buddies, all of my NaNoWriMo buddies, all of my blogging buddies, Avanah… stopping now. You guys know who you are!

I’m thankful for my house and electricity and my car. I’m thankful for my dogs, Matthew and Dude. I’m thankful that I had the chance to see another dog, Dixie, before she had to go.

I’m thankful for school and the opportunities I’ve had in it that I know everybody doesn’t and won’t get. I’m thankful that I’ve had a family that always encouraged me in my academic goals. I’m thankful that my parents recognized the gift that God gave me and did their best to help me improve in it.

I’m thankful for all the extra comforts God has given me: laptop, phone, iPod, car. I know every just-turned-seventeen year old girl with no job doesn’t have all those things. I’m thankful that God is in control of the universe and that he has a plan for everybody in the world. I’m thankful that he always answers my prayers and leads me wherever I need to go.

I’m thankful for Shoney’s (the restaurant) and Let It Shine Gymnastics and Panera and public libraries. I’m thankful for Garmins and rechargeable batteries and my dad’s days off from work. I’m thankful for dark jeans and socks with Hello Kitty and Darth Vader on them. I’m thankful for Mirriam’s photo caption contests and the Lord of the Rings movies.

Little Things I’m Thankful For

Sunshine. The color purple. The funny shapes that you see in the clouds. Air conditioning. Tans. Water parks. Toothbrushes. Laptop cases. The wear marks on my computer keyboard. NaNoWriMo. Bubble gum. Panera cards. Candles. Birthday cakes. Knee-high socks. Older sisters’ wardrobes. EJ’s Kyle smile. A great history teacher. The nice man who worked at the T-Mobile store. When somebody actually has a nice comment on YouTube. Being able to pray whenever and wherever.  The radio in my car. My blue, long-sleeved shirt. Wet Seal.


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