life · NaNoWriMo

Today I…

Got my new phone, a Samsung Gravity 3

Had my last day at school

Looked forward to Thanksgiving

Thought about all the different ways a bad guy could really be good

Wrote the beginning of a scene in which Angel will get Hell hurt when he was actually trying to help her

Went to Panera Bread to write

Gave myself a backache from shivering so hard in the cold

Tried to make my nephew say “Mama” before I would pick him up

Overheard a conversation between two of my classmates that had something to do with marshmallows

Wished I had a purple soft case for Perry (my iPod)

Realized that my younger sister and I no longer wear the same jean size

Despaired over ever reaching 100k (currently at 91.8k)

Wanted some Dr. Pepper

Had to listen to haggis being described and was disgusted

Wanted bacon

Laughed in history class because my teacher is hilarious


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