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Great Thinkings Have Been Thought In My Mind

I have been neglecting everything lately, and I apologize. There have been lots of things going on (honestly), not the least of which is finals and stomach flu and some family stuff and new story inspirations. I absolutely love the new idea I came up with at 1:50 AM in the morning two days ago and I may be writing that along with NASR and the rewriting of Summer Rush.

And speaking of Summer Rush. I thought over the new ending, thought over it again, thought over it some more, changed it, changed it again, and finally came to this conclusion: I can do whatever I want! And so, in spite of all the pros and cons that I weighed, I’m really going through with the very first ending that Summer Rush ever got. Naturally, I don’t want to spoil anything, but just a warning: it’s going to be very, very different.

Book two won’t even be recognizable, thanks to this new plot ending. And you know another thing? I was looking at all the scenes I cut from Summer Rush (if I hadn’t, it would have been pushing 110,000 words). And I can’t believe I cut them out! I love them. So I think I’ll be pulling some of the current scenes from SR and putting in the other ones. So many decisions.

Anyway, I should finish Dark Angel Rising sometime over winter break (I get three weeks and five days of break! Heaven!). And I also have plans to completely write the first book of the Angel Saga. I still want to write that parody of a horror movie featuring a Barbie doll.

So much writing to do. After this post, I’m going to go answer email and NaNo-mail and Inkpop messages and all the other stuff I’ve been forced to ignore for the past week-ish. Then I need to study. Wish me luck!


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