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I’m Back!

I’m back! And I have a new bed! And a new comforter and beautiful pictures of whales and monkeys and two hands and a weird looking eclectic thing that I couldn’t for the life of me identify!

Okay, seriously.

I am back from my grandparents’ house and snugged into my own lime-green room once more, listening to my iPod and watching movies with  my sister. We watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night. It was great! The first three X-Men movies and Origins should never be mentioned in the same breath, that was how much the latter was better than the former.

So, about my bed! It’s lovely and marvelous. It’s a black bunk bed (I have the bottom) and I’m super super super ecstatic that, after over ten years, I finally have my own bed! I’ll be taking a picture so I can show it to you, as soon as my room is clean, anyway.

I’ve been editing on Summer Rush, and I finally have the first chapter of Not Another Stupid Romance complete. Oh, and I finished the fifth book in the Angel Saga! It was supposed to be the last, but I got carried away (AGAIN! God, please stop me) and I think the sixth book really will be the last.

The books were all about the Promise Child Project, and in five books I’d barely gotten started on Phase Three of the project, which is the most interesting part. But seriously, after book six, I think I’ll be all Angel-ed out and I’ll really be done.

So, I have to clean my room and do a bunch of other stuff-

WAIT! I forgot to mention the TV. We have a new 50-inch flat screen TV! And an X-Box 360 with the Connect game-playing thing. I haven’t used either yet, but they’re gorgeous. I’ll probably be showing you a picture of that, too.

I had this idea of a new cover for Summer Rush, so we shall see what happens with that.

But really, I have to clean and read a book preview and vacuum my room and clean up my desk. So, I’m off! But I’m very glad to be back 😀


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