The Best Thing

The best thing about my new bed? I wake up in it and I feel rejuvenated and optimistic. Especially compared to my old bed, which did nothing but poke me all night, and presented me to the morning in a foul and sleep-deprived mood.

Everything that’s said about getting a good night’s rest and looking at things with new eyes in the morning is on the level. Yes, everything I wrote yesterday is still true. But I feel better anyway. Because I know I can fix it. It might take awhile, and I’ll probably get discourage again, but I can fix it. Half of writing is rewriting (or so I read in one of those writing books I’m always reading).

So, I have taken a deep breath and begun crafting a plan of attack. Huh. I suddenly have this urge to play some inspirational music like Eye of the Tiger or I Will Survive.

Apparently I didn’t get as much sleep as I thought I did…


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