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First Day of the Year

Today is the first day of the year. Wow. I love new years. Today I did… well… pretty much nothing. I watched my nephew last night, which was an utter disaster. He was out of formula so I had to give him regular milk and bagels. The bagels made a huge mess on my bedroom floor. He cried and he cried and I didn’t fall asleep until eight thirty this morning. Still, he’s such a sweetie, and so cute.

I finished Snow today. Time to start editing that. The ending turned out a little differently than I’d expected. I got to what I thought was the last scene, but I didn’t have the heart to make Snow and Katrina suffer. So I threw in an extra scene with a little hope in it.

Why am I such a softy? I don’t know. Rush and Lexi aren’t getting that much lenience. At least, not in Summer Rush they aren’t.

But anywho, lot’s more things to do! There’ll be a better post tomorrow, I promise!

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