Revised New Years Resolutions

After reading this post, I decided to revise my new year’s resolutions into two parts: concrete goals that I could accomplish and check off my list, and then more general ones like “try harder at everything.” It should be much more effective. So, without further ado, my revised new year’s resolutions.

Personal Goals

* Write, rewrite, and edit a book to perfection

* Read my Bible from cover to cover

* Do at least one form of exercise every week

* Maintain 4.0 GPA in school

* Get published, be it novel/essay/poem/short story

* Take horseback riding lessons

* Buy my own camera and become competent with it

* Attend a horse show

* Keep up with my friends via email/phone/whatever

* Write every day

* Learn my layout full; standing or combo

* Learn a style of dance; any form

* Go to Breyerfest in Kentucky in July

* Learn how to draw


* Love everybody, myself included

* Try harder at everything

* Write books that I love

* Be with the people I love

* Wear crazy clothes!

* Eat more sprinkle cupcakes

* Watch fewer movies and less television

* Be more spontaneous

* Wear Liz’s pink leopard 5-inch heels ❤

* Tell people how much they mean to me

* Spend more time with my dog

* Stop letting people tell me I can’t go to MSU

* Never settle

* Stop saying “can’t”


One thought on “Revised New Years Resolutions

  1. I’m so glad I was able to inspire you in any way! I love all of your resolutions, especially and most importantly “Stop letting people tell me I can’t go to MSU” and “Stop saying can’t”. Those are such powerful focuses and I commend you! Good luck with all your goals this year. 🙂

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