Today I didn’t do any writing. How’s that for completely out-of-character? For some reason, I just really didn’t want to get on my computer today. I used it once this morning to sync my new Kesha songs onto my iPod, but besides that I didn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. I even did my usual blog reading on my iPod.

To continue my out-of-character behavior, I took out my sketch pad and pencils. A long, long time ago, I made a new year’s resolution to learn how to draw beyond stick figures. To help me out, my sister Kyra bought me a sketchpad, a hundred colored pencils, and some Ticonderoga artist pencils. I managed to stay interested in that for a couple of weeks, but eventually I went back to writing.

Sometimes when I’m bored, or when the artists in my family (Liz and my little brother Stephen) get out their stuff, I’ll mess around with drawing.

Anyway, when I realized I wasn’t getting within a hundred yards of my computer without feeling depressed, I started drawing. I’m terribly out of practice! I drew my iPod, a jar of Vaseline, the nail polish bottles on my nightstand, the flower on my bedspread. I really need to work on three-quarter views because they look awfully disproportionate. I’m not even going to say anything about my shading technique.

Then I pulled up a bunch of pictures of scimitars online. I had fun drawing those. Besides the ornate handles, they were pretty simple. After that I drew my hand – crossed fingers, thumbs up, etc – and either I have a talent for exaggeration, or I have the longest fingers in the world ^.^

Anyway, I’m going to attempt to draw again tomorrow. I really do like it and I’d love to be able to draw something even remotely nice someday. I used to draw horses a while back, and they weren’t half bad, if I do say so myself.

Maybe I’ll be able to write tomorrow.


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