Alternate Beginning

Since realizing that I need to rewrite the opening scenes of Summer Rush, my mind has been melting. What would be the perfect beginning for this novel? Honestly, I don’t know. I started freewriting today (while watching the movie Up) and an interesting scene developed. I probably won’t end up using it, but I just thought it was curious. It involved shot glasses and apple cider vinegar.

While that was completely unproductive, I did manage to write up a sort of outline of how all this editing will take place. This way I’ll be able to check off individual tasks as done, instead of having Edit Summer Rush as one gigantic, impossible obstacle.

One thing I want to do is create a more closely knit family dynamic between Maya, Lexus, Rush, and Gem (On a side note, I don’t even know how I chose the name Gem. But now I don’t want to change it; it suits him). I have this great picture in my head of how their strange little family is, but I don’t think I translated it very well onto paper. I really hope that it turns out as well as my mind’s eye sees it.

One of the most important things that I’m going to change is Brett. His role doesn’t change too much, but his personality is getting a major makeover. I intended for him to be the bad guy ever since the beginning, and I think my dislike for him was pretty apparent throughout the whole book. So! I intend to turn Brett into more of a good guy who’s still a bad guy but who you want to be a good guy. Does that make any sense to anyone?

Anyway, I’m probably giving away way too much here. My bad. I just like to talk about writing, in case that much wasn’t obvious. Then again, who doesn’t?


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