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I Think I’m Obsessing

Do I talk about Summer Rush too much? I think I do. My apologies. I really can’t help it. Worrying and brainstorming and writing and rewriting on and about Summer Rush is all I ever do anymore. That and school.

My plan for tomorrow is to go through all of the comments I’ve received on Summer Rush from Inkpop. That’s about 30,000 words worth. Once I sort out everything I think I can use, I’ll go over it and HarperCollins’ review so I can try to wrap my head around all the different opinions and views that I’ve gotten so far.

On Tuesday I’ll have to devote at least an hour or two to studying for my art test, but after that I plan to sit down and read Summer Rush all the way through. Hopefully after that, once I get my head back into Lexi/Rush mode, I’ll be able to figure out what my new inciting incident will be. It’s kind of weird, after all this time that I had set Summer Rush aside, I enjoyed reading it so much more.

The editing process is so interesting and exciting, but my usual impatience is starting to take over. I keep thinking about California Girl. I have a bunch of little scene tidbits in my head. I’m letting myself write those down in a document on my iPod, but writing actual full scenes is off limits. I will not let myself get distracted this time. I will focus.

So, does everybody remember Ari from California Girl? He is getting into way too much trouble (SPOILER ALERT: he’s not Rush’s cousin anymore and that’s all I’m saying). You know how sometimes people say their characters get out of hand? Ari is seriously getting out of hand. And I haven’t even started writing the book in its new plot line yet. That one is going to be a major handful.

Anywho, that’s the plan. And really, I’m sorry if I’m obsessing. Tomorrow I’ll write about something else, I promise. Maybe.


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