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I Finished Heartsong

Yesterday I finished reading my younger sister’s novel, Heartsong. The book is shockingly good. I don’t mean shocking because she’s my little sister and I didn’t expect very much. If I borrowed this book from the library or bought it at a book store or something, I would be advising my sisters and you to read it. When she’s finished rewriting, editing, and polishing it, Heartsong is going to be an amazing book. Not just good, but amazing.

It’s a very emotional story, starring a young girl named Bianca who lives alone with her father. Her father’s in the military, so they move a lot. Then there’s Oliver, a boy she meets in her and her dad’s new town. Bianca and Oliver are both hiding something; one with anger, the other with cheerfulness.

Right off the bat, Heartsong sounds like a romance, but it’s not. And I honestly think it’s a thousand times better for not being one. The characters are complex and the character development is great. There were a few scenes where I almost cried.

I’ve offered to try and help her with the rewriting as much as I can – I don’t know where on earth I’ll find any time, but I’m going to try; but she’s not in any particular rush. She’s put a lot into Heartsong already, and she’s ready to be in this for the long haul to make it the best book it can be.

I’m really excited about this book! Wish her luck!

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