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I’m Not Losing Focus

Really, I’m not. I’m still working very hard to get Summer Rush up to its ultimate potential. I’ve even set myself a deadline, March 1, to have the first rewritten draft done.


I have a new project. It’s nonfiction; can you believe that? We’ll see how my overimaginative brain handles that. But I’m actually really excited about this project. It’s going to be very short, just 15,000 words, and all about being the fourth eldest kid in a family of twelve. How much fun is that? I get to write 15,000 words all about me!

Okay, seriously. I’m being serious now. I love my family. I love big families. And it’s kind of depressing that most of the people I know think living in a big family would be awful. It’s not. It’s amazing. Sure, there are lots of ups and downs. Sometimes I just want to run out of the house screaming my head off. But the good – no, awesome – stuff more than makes up for the rough stuff.

This project, which is currently untitled (I just started outlining yesterday), is really for my mom. She has a website about home schooling, having about twenty years of experience in that department. Home schooling is great and I loved it, but so many people are interested not in how Mom managed/manages to homeschool ten kids, but how she can get us to even listen to her at all!

Everywhere I go, people want to know how our family runs, what we do every day, how we manage not to kill each other in the morning while trying to stuff ourselves into one bathroom, who cooks, who cleans.

I think this project is going to be really fun. I’ll keep you updated on my progress but I promise, promise, promise, promise that I will not let Summer Rush fall to the wayside!


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