The Mohawk.

For those of you who have never heard me speak of The Mohawk, I will explain. My younger sister, Dominique, is an aspiring hair stylist. She works wonders with hair, but particularly braids. She braided the Spiderman logo into my hair once, as well as swirls, hearts, etc.

But I must say, the braided Mohawk is her crowning glory. Or rather, my crowning glory. Because that is me, in all my braided, Mohawked, dark red glory. Amazing, no? This is actually a really bad picture. It looks way more awesome in real life. (And I know I look mad, but I was trying not to laugh. This picture is for her hair website).

In most things, I’m a conservative type of girl. But for some reason, this wildly crazy hairstyle is AMAZING to me. It’s my signature style, now. Not all of that hair is mine, by the way. I got a lotta’ hair, but not that much ^.^ Next time I get this style, I’ve been thinking about having The Mohawk with curly hair – that or another color; maybe blue or purple.

This was rather random, as I’m supposed to be finishing editing something, as well as writing the English paper that’s due tomorrow (I haven’t even started on it). But I had to share The Mohawk!


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